The Sharia Law Program


Purpose: To raise awareness regarding Sharia law and shape policy accordingly.


The Sharia programís primary function is research, education, and advocacy. It is important to raise awareness about Sharia law to address the unjust and unconstitutional nature of Islamic law, and how it results in human rights violations. As people in the Middle East and North Africa yearn for liberty and seek freedom, it is important to reform future governments and reject the repressive bond of Sharia law.


The Sharia program seeks to address the problematic issues found in Sharia law, such as: jihad, jizyah, taking whatever your right hand possesses, the treatment of women, inheritance laws, apostasy, blasphemy, and other human rights violations. The program also examines how Sharia law infiltrates other areas of the law, like: constitutional law, family law, inheritance laws, criminal law, and property law.


Research Publications


Collection of Constitutions